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WARCA 2022 Global Ranking is published

Official results of 2022 ranking will be presented at the Friedrichshafen Ham Radio-2022 International Amateur Radio Exhibition. If you are attending the Ham Radio 2022 International Amateur Radio Exhibition, please stop by our booth.

Thank you for being an active international contestant, and we hope to work with you again in various contests.

73! de WARCA Team

WARCA DH8WR – World #2547 with 4455.89 points

UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest – RESULTS

Dear participants,

The results of the 2022 UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest are now online.

Some of you will notice that their claimed score/QSO’s has gone down.
But, I do take proud to check all logs the best I can.

You can download your contest certifcate from this link.

Make sure that only your call is in the field, and the call like it is in the results.

If you would like to receive your ubn file, please reply to this mail, with your call.

Hope to cu you all again next year.

73  Marc, ON9TT